Construction & Renovation

Knowledgeable Hotel Construction & Renovation Specialists

The Construction and Renovation division at Wright Investments oversees the construction, renovation and capital expenditures for all of the company’s hotels. This department is also responsible for preparing annual capital budgets, hiring contractors and approving vendor and contractor requests for payment. Renovations typically include upgrading guest rooms and public areas, and may include a substantial exterior renovation to improve the hotel’s appearance and appeal.

In many cases a typical renovation alone will not be sufficient to improve the value of a hotel. In these cases a repositioning is also required. A repositioning involves upgrading a hotel to attract new market segments through major physical improvements, rebranding or both.

Based on a complete market and financial analysis, Wright Investments is able to identify the best hotel, location and national franchise that will best suit each individual market.

Having received numerous national awards from franchises, Wright Investments has a long record of successful renovations and repositionings that include everything from cosmetic upgrades to major reconstructions. Using only the most qualified contractors we develop a precise plan that coordinates the process in conjunction with design decisions, budgets, building codes and the ultimate financial and operational goals of the hotel.

For more information on how our construction and renovation team use both experience and knowledge to maximize the potential of the hotel and all capital funds invested please, email Brandon Birkhead or contact us at 901-755-9501 ext. 111.