Wright Transitional House

Wright Investments has partnered with Memphis Union Mission, a charity that serves the homeless, to establish a transitional house for men. This facility, called the Wright Transitional House, has enabled men who were formerly homeless to become self sufficient members of the community. The executive staff of Memphis Union Mission has offices on the first floor and includes the kitchen and dining area. The second and third floor provides housing and recreational areas for 26 men.

Memphis Union Mission ministers to the physical, spiritual, and emotional needs of men, women and children who are homeless, addicted and in crisis. The Memphis Union Mission exists not only to provide basic necessities to those in need, but to also create opportunities for rehabilitation, recovery and new beginnings.

The Awareness Program is the introductory phase of Memphis Union Mission’s long-term recovery program. Here, men confront the decisions that have negatively affected themselves and others. The program is housed within the Men’s Emergency Shelter and typically lasts 30 to 45 days. Men encounter a very structured schedule, which includes drug and alcohol classes, Bible studies, pastoral counseling, chapel services and assigned chores. In many cases, the chores involve attending to the needs of the overnight guests.

Men must complete this phase before they can move on to the long-term program at Calvary Colony and then to the Wright Transitional House. Many clients check themselves into the program. However, some are referred by agencies and city programs.

Men who graduate from Memphis Union Mission’s recovery program at Calvary Colony are eligible to live at the Wright Transitional House. This phase helps the men to prepare for the transition into self-sufficiency.

While in residence at the Wright Transitional House, men work full time and are required to save their money. Once they begin working, they save 70 percent of their weekly earnings. That way, when the men graduate approximately six months later, they have enough money saved to lease an apartment or make a down payment on a house.

The men also establish roots in a local church family, so that they can enjoy friendship and accountability that will help sustain them after they’ve left the Mission.

The Wright Transitional House was provided through the hard work and generosity of Mr. Larry F. Wright, Sr., the associates and investors of Wright Investments, Inc.